Salt Lake’s Odd Fellows Hall is on the Move!

Salt Lake City’s Odd Fellows Hall, with its all-seeing eye perched above the main door,  traditionally has not attracted much public attention, at least when compared to some of the city’s more high-profile historic buildings (such as the Utah State Capitol).  That trend, however, has changed, if only temporarily.  (See news stories here and here.)

Beginning in April, workers from Layton Construction began rotating the hall to get it ready for a move across the street  Photos and time-lapse videos of the move can be seen here and here.

The biggest move is still to come.  Next week, on Tuesday, June 23rd, the building will begin its slow roll across Market Street at 8:00 am.   Three days later, on Friday, the bullding will be rotated again and then moved into its final location.


3 responses to “Salt Lake’s Odd Fellows Hall is on the Move!

  1. Cool. I was just reading in Seymore B. Young’s diary about how he used to go to Grand Army of the Republic meetings there.

  2. J-

    Funny you should mention Young. I’ve recently become interested in his career as a Salt Lake physician, but I haven’t yet delved very deeply into primary sources. My preliminary research shows that the LDS Family History Library has a year’s worth of his journal entries on microfilm (1870-71) and the Utah State Historical Society has scattered diary entries in a manuscript collection (1865-1885).

    Do you know if there’s something else out there that I’m missing ? Is there an intact journal of diary that I’m not aware of?

    Thanks for posting. Maybe we can converse a little more about Young via email.

  3. The LDS Church Archives have his papers, a fairly larger collection including diaries spanning quite some time.

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