Historical Photographs of Utah’s Native Americans

Over the years, the Utah State Historical Society has collected hundreds of historic al photographs, some of which portray Utah indigenous peoples.  Click here, here, here, and here for some of my favorites. All photos are from the Peoples of Utah Photograph Collection, donated to USHS by Helen Zeese Papanikolas.


2 responses to “Historical Photographs of Utah’s Native Americans

  1. Very cool. Thanks, Brandon.

    Any particular reason why these are your favorites?

    • Christopher-

      I like them mainly for aesthetic reasons, rather than historical ones, though you do have to wonder about the historical context of the 1873 image featuring the Paiutes.

      The picture of the Navajo woman at the loom is stunning, with that white cat perched on the rail above her. Visually, it’s just a very interesting photograph.

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