We Shall Remain: Learn More about Utah’s Native Americans

Beginning in April, PBS will be broadasting We Shall Remain, a five-part television series that highlights Native American history.

For those of you interested in Utah’s Native American story, KUED 7 will pair each national episode with a short documentary about one of Utah’s American Indian tribes: the Ute, the Paiute, the Northwestern Shoshone, the Goshute, and the Navajo.  You can find a schedule of the linked programs here.  View the trailers for the national episodes here.

To dovetail with the airing of We Shall Remain, the Beehive Archive blog will be featuring stories from Utah’s Native American past over the next few weeks.  New stories on American Indians in Utah will air on KCPW and Utah Public Radio.  For information on how to listen to Beehive Archive around the state, click here.


2 responses to “We Shall Remain: Learn More about Utah’s Native Americans

  1. This looks to be a promising documentary. I expect the national doc will be available online for free for those who miss it, but do you know if the KUED will be available in some form for those who live outside of Utah?

  2. David-

    It looks like the films about the Utah tribes will be available for retail sale through http://www.kued.org, the University of Utah Bookstore, and the University of Utah Press. That’s all I know right now.

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